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Gwen Crownover Moritz was born in Conway, reared in North Little Rock and graduated from Harding University at Searcy. She worked at the Pine Bluff Commercial, the Arkansas Gazette and the Nashville (Tenn.) Business Journal, with stints at the Tennessee Health Care Association and the Nashville Bar Association thrown in.

Moritz has been editor of Arkansas Business since 1999. She and her husband, Rob Moritz, have two sons. They live in North Little Rock.

Last 10 Articles & Blog Posts

75 Largest Private Companies in Arkansas Combine for $38.9B This article is available only in print.

Revenue at Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield topped $2.5 billion last year, a milestone achieved by only one other company in the 30 years that Arkansas Business has been ranking private companies by revenue. read more >

A Sigh of Relief (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Like many of Candidate Trump's promises — from a big, beautiful wall that Mexico will pay for to better health insurance for everyone at a fraction of the cost — his promise to control prescription costs was long on curb appeal and short on structure. A Potemkin drugstore, as it were. read more >

Anatomy of a Leak (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

A Trump voter of my acquaintance referred to Michael Avenatti as “that idiot attorney for Stormy Daniels.” May all of us be represented by such idiots. read more >

Waste, Fraud and Abuse (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Here's a little mantra I'd like for you to commit to memory: Wherever there are human beings, there will be waste, fraud and abuse. read more >

Camden Couple Plead Guilty to Witnessing Fake Will

John Wayne Kinley Jr. and Marion "Diane" Kinley, both of Camden, pleaded guilty Monday to their role as witnesses to what they knew was a fake will. read more >

Gavel-to-Gavel Obsession (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

The public corruption being described in fascinating, horrifying detail in a federal courtroom in Fayetteville illustrates how public officials counted on public money and conspired to get it. read more >

Third Lawsuit Pushes Claims Against Berry Bishop to $3M

An insurance conglomerate has sued Alliance Insurance Group of Arkadelphia and its owner, Berry R. Bishop, pushing the total value of claims filed against them to more than $3 million. read more >

Two Banks Allege $2.4M in Fraud by Arkadelphia Insurance Agent Berry Bishop

The Bank of Prescott and Citizens Bank of Batesville filed civil suits Monday alleging frauds totaling $2.4 million by former insurance agent Berry Bishop and his agency, Alliance Insurance Group of Arkadelphia Inc. read more >

Red Flags and Rationalization (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Two separate cases involving lotteries in Arkansas and Iowa may have shared tech, lies and videotape in common, but that's where the similarities end. read more >

New Hot Springs Agency Licensed in Wake of Alliance Meltdown

The Arkansas Insurance Department on Thursday granted an agency license to Newman Insurance Agency in Hot Springs, and owner Bart Newman said Employers Mutual Casualty Insurance Cos. had agreed to contract with the new agency. read more >